Timelapse Photography Videos


Slight chance for thunderstorms on this day. I started the timelapse at 7am and went till 8pm. Minor convection occured while the cold front moved into Eastern Idaho as you can see. Currently at 9pm there is scattered showers. Thunderstorm Potential Rises for the 22nd here and will be doing another video. Stay Tuned.


There was a better chance for thunderstorms today. I woke up around 10am and started the Camera. Went outside to see tons of cloud cover and figured the chances were slim to none. Ended up getting a thunderstorm around 12pm with very tiny hail. Some were almost 1/4 inch thick. The storm passed to the Northeast and then heavy showers came in and then the rain turned to snow. The snow was heavy and accumulated close to a half inch within 30 minutes. The snow ended around 1-2pm and then just became mostly cloudy. Currently at 9pm there is a mix of rain and snow and accumulations could reach 1-3 inches of snow overnight into tommorow morning.

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