2016 Severe Weather Summary For Eastern Idaho

Well, Has everyone liked the website overhaul thus far? I still have a few things left to complete, but I wanted the basics covered. So, I know it has been a good while since I last updated this blog. To all my hardcore fans that stuck with me since 2005, I greatly appreciate your interest in Severe Thunderstorms from Idaho. Since 2014 I have met other chasers in the area, and I must say They are talented. It’s been a dream of mine to create a Network of Chasers from Idaho. It might shock them, but I am going to invite the following To SevereIdaho.Com. Where they will have access to their individual galleries, blog and what ever they wish to have on this domain. Kurt Wilcow, Ken Carbonaro, and Shelton Nelson I would love if you could be a part of a dream I have had for a long time. I have picked you because Your Passion shows and Your dedication is vast. Contact me via FB if your interested so we can work out some plans.

To everyone that follow Severe Idaho, here is the severe weather summary for eastern idaho.

2016 was a lack luster year except for The Tornado Warned Storms Event on October 2nd 2016.

I spent more time sight seeing than chasing. I do know this winter I am planning to document some major winter storms. So stay tuned for them. In conclusion 2016 went out with a bang for severe weather. @ days ago we have a severe wind event at night. Many places saw power outages, luckily in Rigby we had power the entire time. This was due to substantial weakening of the embedded thunderstorms, The frontal passage was intense, with 50+ mph gusts. Which left a slightly colder air in place. October was sure to break records temp wise for warmer temps. Talk right now is that Winter 2016-2017 could be a rather intense one. Stay Tuned. Thanks for stopping by.