4th of July Weekend Photography

I took a ton of photos at Rigby Lake on July 2nd and Idaho Falls on July 3rd.

The Rigby Lake show was really stretched out and was very noticeable.  There was a huge attendence on that Friday July 2nd but the show was more aimed towards time and money.  I believe the reason behind it was that they wanted to do 2 shows.  One on Fiday and one on Saturday.  It was still fun to photograph the show.  I got great results.  I would have posted video but I didnt realize that Autofocus would ruin the video.  There was way to much unfocused fireworks on the video and I didnt feel it was right to post it.  Here are a few photos and the link to the gallery.

View Album @ http://www.severeidaho.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=62

The Idaho Falls July 3rd Show was absolutely incredible.  It was like a non stop Grand Finale.  They did not hold back at all on this show.  The crowd was in the Thousands and the weather couldnt have been better.  I was going to videotape this event but decided at last minute that it would have been too much work to watch both camera’s while taking pictures.  I had always wanted to get a photo with the Snake River in the background and this was a great time to do so.  I took well over 300 photos.  It took forever to crop all the photos and do simple edits with.  Im extremely happy with the results and cant wait for next year.

Here are a few photos and then the link to the album.

To see the Full album visit http://www.severeidaho.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=63

Hope you all enjoy the photos.  TO LICENSE a photo please contact me for info.

-gerrit gulden


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