American Falls,ID Tornado Footage & Pics.

Today was not a day I had set my hopes on chasing.  Honestly it was my Dad’s Birthday, so I basically set my mind on just spending time with family rather than setting out to see storms.  The day started out Perfectly clear, it was warm and just looked like one of those days before a good storm sets in.  By noon, many storms formed, but were on the weak side so the time I had till my obligation I just used to sit home and watch radar.  Again, storms were pretty weak, structure was super limited and the low to blame was to the South, so storms formed to the East and moved Northwest.  A nice little storm almost formed right over me when it was time to head to my parents.  After grabbing a drink at a local fast food establishment I sat in the parking to lot to watch the storm a little.  It had the classic undertone of a thunderstorm, winds were gusting away from the storm.  Classic Outflow dominant storm.  After a brief few minutes of almost looking like it would organize the base took on the classic weak look.  I moved on, no pictures, no video.  Today was all about my Dad who turned 66.  After arriving at my Parents house and snacking on chips and salsa I watched the Dodger game with the rest of the family.  Little storms were still forming, a small crack of thunder every now and then.  Nothing big to note,  I went on with visiting.


Well it was finally time for dinner.  We all sat down and had Spaghetti for dinner along with side of pasta salad.  We chatted, ate and just enjoyed each others company.  Soon as I put my napkin on the plate my phone went off.  I had Pro Weather Alerts running in the background and the alert was going off nonstop.  Having a new android Galaxy S4 so far has been a learning curve compared to my user friendly iphone.  Anyways,  after finally realizing what the alert was I sat there and kind of shook my head.  It was a tornado warning, issued by Pocatello National Weather service for American Falls.  I quickly loaded PYK3L to check radar, and I could see that the storm itself was pretty weak.  Not a strong storm by any means.  But the Storm Relative Motion and Velocity did indicate rotation and at one point the classic Red touching Green pixel.  I gasped and hoped no one captured it.  For selfish reasons.  But knowing that it was American Falls, an area that is surrounded by Interstate 15 the Highway to Twin Falls, I knew I wouldn’t be so lucky.


I went on with my day.  Hell, even if I had been home, no plans.  That storm was not something I would have chased.  Just looked weak and not like your typical Meso storm with increased DBZ, etc.  Well I got home just a few minutes ago, and sure enough people did capture the storm, and it looks awesome.  Wished I could have captured it.  Hopefully later this year I will get mine.  With no further chat, here is the footage from LocalNews8 viewers.


American Falls,ID Tornado.

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