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Hurricane Threatening the Gulf Coast

If you have watched the news lately you would have already heard about “Gustav” a current Tropical Storm which is taking its toll on Jamaica and dumping more then 15 inches of rain with winds of 50mph.  Gustav has been pulsing to a Category 1 hurricane every now and then and the latest forecasts for the Gulf Coast does not look good.  Models are predicting at least a Category 3 hurricane which would hit anywhere from Northwest Texas east to Lousiana with a very real threat to New Orleans which will be devastating if Gustav does indeed make a direct hit.  Louisiana has already declared a “State of Emergency” and I imagine evacuations are underway and already Mandatory.  With major flooding expected I can only hope people will heed the warnings and leave as soon as possible. 

With Gustav expected By Monday or Tuesday the threat for additional Hurricanes and Tropical storms is very high for the Gulf Coast and the Florida Coast.  There are up to 4 additional areas of High concern which could make this Hurricane season a very Active and destructive season.  Storm Chasers are already targeting “Gustav” and are already planning to Stay after Gustav and wait for the next Big storms.  After a Quiet 2 seasons of Hurricane season is does appear that this Season will definetely pick up where it left off 3 years ago when Katrina devastated New Orleans. 

Do watch Local and National News this coming Monday,  I imagine the Weather Channel and Fox News amongst many others will be broadcasting Live from the Area of concern before and during and after Gustav. 

I will be watching Fox News and also will be online at where you can watch the stormchasers themselves taking on a Strong Hurricane with damaging winds and torrential rainfall.



-gerrit gulden

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Possible Thunderstorm in the Next Hour

Idaho Falls and My Area could see a thunderstorm in the next Hour.  Recent radar trends show Convective development expanding in Coverage and A Thunderstorm is tracking Northeast and could impact our area shortly.  Hail chances are slim with a 50% chance for Small hail.  Severe Chances are still O%.  This could change very quickly as the envrionment is quite unstable. 

Slight Risk from the SPC has been expanded to cover basically all of Southeast Idaho and the Severe Thunderstorm Watch covers most this area as well.  Severe Thunderstorm looks to Expire at Midnight tonight, so expectancies obviously keep severe weather going on well into the night.  It is quiet as far as Severe Thunderstorms go.  Only 1 thus far to speak of yet the storm was downgraded very quickly with hail remaining Pea sized only. 

Stay Tuned for Urgent Weather alerts. 



Hurricane Dean is still a Category 4 storm.  The eye is not expected to Impact Jamaica which is good news, however Jamaica could still see winds anywhere from 60mph and more up to 100mph along with Extreme rainfall and potential flooding.  There are Voluntary Evacuations already in place in TEXAS and with DEAN expected to Strengthen to a category 5 storm as it passes Jamiaca, concerns are rising very rapidly for Texans.  I talked to my friends in Brownsville and they are getting ready to Leave when the Mandatory Evacuation Takes place.  Hurricane DEAN is a deadly storm,  Precautions should be taken immediately and thus far it sounds like Texas is ready for this Hurricane.  The Yucatan Peninsula could see alot of Damage from this storm as the Track currently places Dean dead on into The Mexican Peninsula.  Hopefully they are taking all necessary precautions. 

Stay Tuned…..