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Weather Update Feb 8th 2007

The warmup is continuing with temperatures reaching 40+ degrees.  The combination of the rain and warm temperatures today have increased the melting effect of snow anywhere from 5500 feet and lower.  Currently yards are turning to small ponds and runoff is noticeable with River levels gradually rising.  The Mild trend looks to continue with each storm a threat for rain below 6k feet.  The High pressure that has been dominating our region for quite some time now is being broken down by shortwaves moving thru and the forecast is that the High will eventually get out of our way and may open the stormtrack for our area, therefore increasing the threat for rain and some Mixed precipitation with the colder of storms.  Friday and Friday evening looks to be the Biggest threat for rain and snow mix with most likely no accumulation for snow around the snake river plain.  For now, Mild conditions continue with a threat for rain.


Stay Tuned.


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Looking For California Weather Discussions?

Trying to find out if a big storm is on the horizon or if there will be great days for play, golf, etc.  Then you must check out the following website.  WeatherWest.Com is a website made by Daniel Swain,  A great friend of SevereIdaho.Com.  Before I moved to Idaho Weather West was my Website to find out if bad or good weather was coming.  Daniel Swain knows what he is talking about when it comes to weather.  And he has the Audience to prove it.  You will find many Photos that Daniel has taken and you will even find Weather outlooks, discussions and Forecasts.  The latest Discussion thread Daniel has posted is about the current weather in California and what to expect in the coming weeks.  Here is the link to the latest Discussion Daniel has Posted…..


I am a big fan of California weather.  The weather there has many extremes that take place in any scenario.  Trends from Thunderstorms,  Tornados, hail to Snow At Sea Elevation and More.  Please be sure to Bookmark Weather West.

And Visit Regularly. 

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Weather Update Jan 29th 2007

If you have been enjoying the cold temperatures and every once in awhile snows then the possibility for a good week looks great for you.  The Cold temperatures dont appear to be leaving anytime soon and the Rex Block (High) that has been blocking storms for the last 2 weeks will finally let in some shortwaves for Chances of light snow starting Tonight and lasting into the weekend.  The models are generally pointing to the Eastern Highlands and Central Mountains for Best chances fo Light snow but they are definetely indicating low QPF (precip) amounts.  If the thought of pleaseant temperatures and Clear skies is your current day dream fantasy then keep day dreaming for a little longer, eventually the Northern Flow will deter and we will get those decent temperatures.

My current day dream is temps in the 70 degree range with the threat for thunderstorms.  Looks like I have a long ways to go (2 months) before I get any of that.  lol. 

Stay Tuned…


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October 4th 2006 Severe Weather Summary for Southeast Idaho

October 4th 2006 was a very interesting day none the less.  From a typical Summer day with Thunderstorms predicted the sky remained clear and Cumulus and Cumulinimbus clouds were nowhere to be found.  I was monitoring the Weather by Radar and satellite hoping for some action near My area and I happened to notice a cell developing Near Twin Falls, ID.  The First 5-10 sweeps of the storm by radar indicated it was growing ever so steady and slowly taking more of a Northeast Track.  The weather conditions were basic for a summers day.  The Lifted Index was around -2 and Dewpoints were in the 30-40 degree range, again nothing impressive.  The storm started taking on a Mesoscale Indication and suddenly around 12pm the storm idicated a tornado.  Multiple Reports were recieved by the National Weather Service Pocatello.  Multiple touchdowns indicated by spotters and hail up to an Inch were reported.  Map Below:

Preliminary Reports 10/6/04


As the storm moved Northeast I finally decided to Intercept the storm for Photos and Video and First Hand reports to the Local NWS.  Radar Image Below of Area I intercepted the storm::::


 Radar Approximately 30 Minutes prior to Me Getting to the Storm

 I was able to Get Various Photos of the storm Including Wall Cloud Photos, Some Lightning andCloud Structure Photos which are located in my Gallery at:


The storm was tornado warned for over 4 hours, By the time I intercepted the storm, Only the wall cloud was present along with a Minor Updraft.  I was in full contact with the National Weather Service Pocatello and had my weather radio on while monitoring the storm.  The Lightning was intense and the hail only got up to about a Half Inch and less.  The Area I Intercepted the storm was a little West South West of Roberts,ID. 

In End, Many Photos were used by Local Newspapers and KIDK 3 News.  The storm was very exciting to Myself and was very photogenic.  I only hope for more storms like the one that occured on Oct 4 2006. 




For all Storm that Occur in 2007, Be sure to Watch KIDK 3 and check this website for photos and video of lightning, clouds, and various other sorts of weather. 


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Comet McNaught “Visible to The Naked Eye During Sunset”

Well Comet McNaught is becoming more and more visible during Sunset.  Some photographers are taking advantage of this “Very Rare” opportunity and are catching some amazing shots.  I hope to take some shots over the next few days and will hope to catch some great shots of the Comet and tail behind it.  This Comet some believe is on a path to collision with the sun, but due to Uncertainty it is unknown due to little knowledge of size and Orbit.  No matter what, this is a great way to make time pass by during the sunset and is great opportunity for those to tinker with there camera’s in hope to catch the Comet moving over the horizon.  It is said that Comet McNaught might even become visible during daylight hours and could make for even better photo opportunity. 

I have saved a few links for your enjoyment and learning pleasure.  Here they Are::::


1. StormTrack Discussion on Comet McNaught


2. Nasa’s Javascript Applet of Mcnaughts Orbit


3. SkyAtNight Magazine Mcnaught Story


4. Space.Com Mcnaught Article


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Sincerely: Gerrit

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The Rant & Rave

American Idol -vs- Rosie “Donnel 


Today I started out at a lab for an Insulin Resistance test and was Forced to watch the ever so unpopular “The View” staring Rosie O’donnel.  Reason being (forced) was due to the amount of people there and me not wanting to change the channel.  Well I havta say I was baffled at what I was hearing by Rosie O’Donnel.  Basically she came down really hard on FOX’s Number one show American Idol and came down even harder on the Judges of the show especially Paula Abdul.  Rosie I think was trying to catch an audience of maybe 5% of out 100 that watches american idol that do feel offended by the show and actions behind the judges.  Sadly Rosie seems to like being in the Media spotlight and loves the negative attention.  Unsuprisingly most day shows today immeidately jumped on the Comments by Rosie and pointed it out to the world.  Just when you thought the negativity was only with Donald Trump, Rosie aimed her “View” at the number one show in America.  I think the Media pro’s were watching this with a sour stomach type view of ratings “The View” will now receive.  Funny enough Rosie’s last show failed,How long till this one fails?  Gut instincts say within the year…..



The OC (FOX)


Well after 3 wonderful years of a great show, the 4th is really a replay of the same old drama.  I have been a huge fan of this show since Episode 1 and now Im ready for the show to end.  Ryan just cant seem to find that one girl that will stick around, the same old thing which is competition comes in play and its the same old thing from the first season.  Seth is still the nerdy type and inlove with the Popular girl “Summer” and thus far the direction “The OC” is going for will be dramatic.  Produces promised this Year will be for the fans.  This should mean everybody ends up happy and The show closes nicely, well I doubt that the show will end that nicely.  I will gladly watch the rest of the season, but there will be lots of head turns and grunts along the way.  In the end, I will gladly say Goodbye to my favorite TV show and hope for another type of show that I can get into.  



Reality Shows-


I am proud to say that the only Reality show’s I watch are American Idol.  All the new Win Big tv shows that have come out to me are redicoulus and too showy.  Seems to me the Host’s cant achieve any big TV/Movie roll so they end up in a boring Tv Game show and end up ruining there career.  Owell, as long as its not me. 


Well this has been my Rant & Rave for the Month, Thanks for stopping By…


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American Idol has Begun.

Finally after months of waiting, American Idol has returned and started out in Minneapolis/Minnesota.  The common off tone singers and Out of the Ordinary people are in full force taking aim at Simon, Randy and Paula looking for there way to Hollywood.  There were many favorites as far as the bad singers go and I cant pick just one,  But I can Pick a singer that nailed her audition and that is the 16 year old (aka crackbaby).  This girl has got the lungs and Vocal chords to sing.  I would be shocked if she didnt make it all the way through, Not to win because we still have much more talent to See, but she should easily sail through.

American Idol is taking on another 2 hours tonight from the Rainy state “Seattle ‘ Washington”.  This show and state will be marked as the Worst Audition State in all of Simons state to state auditions.  You are gauranteed to see the Strange, Crazy and way out of wack type of people in this show,  But I also gaurantee some will amaze us with there Voices. Overall tonight American Idol is for the stranger type of people and I will throroughly enjoy it.  lol. 

What Some People may not know is that Minneapolis gets some crazy weather all year round. From tornadoes to Hail storms to Freezing rain.  Minneapolis/Minnesota has it all and BILL DOMS of Minneapolis proves it by chasing down monster storms with His son and has the shots and video of Monster tornadoes, thunderstorms and snowstorms for proof.  BILL is a great friend of Ours.  We hope to catch up with him and his son out in Tornado alley in the coming years.  For now, stop by his website and See all the crazy stuff He and His son have seen together.  You will be amazed.  Here is the Link…

Visit Him today, Bookmark it and Keep up with his chases this Coming Chase Season 2007. 


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