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A Rant About Film Critics

I am a passionate movie watcher, I watch everything from Comedy to Romantic, action, thriller, suspense and even horror from time to time.  I use for my movie time here in Idaho Falls and I even look at what the people are saying about the movie. As you know movie criticism comes in two forms, Film Critic form and then The Public form.  Each has a different perspective on the majority of films.  Sometimes you will see that the Critics gave a film a “B” and the Public gave the film an “A”. Sometimes it is even opposite and can have the critics feeling a movie more than the public.

My rant or complaint is due to the movie “Battle, Los Angeles.  This is a movie I have wanted to see since I first saw a preview when I was in the theater last.  I thought to myself, “Yes, finally another Alien sci fi flick”.  Now, I will admit there is a little bias because I personally have seen things in the sky that I couldn’t explain.  Before you assume that it was a Satellite I assure you that I keep an eye on things that fly in the sky thanks to . With that aside, I decided today was the day to go watch this movie.  I looked at the Yahoo website for the showtime and then decided to look at the film ratings.

Immediately I became skeptical.  The Critics rated the movie a “C” and the Public rated it a “B”.  A “C” movie is practically a flop, not many can bring in tons of money with a grade like that. Well, I thought I would see what the Critics were saying.  On the top is “Boston Globes, Ty Burr” he gave is a B-.  I was cool with that,  it still has that feeling of “Go and see the movie” with a grade like that. Well then I saw “Chicago Sun Times, Roger Ebert” with a “D-” and his words “”Battle: Los Angeles” is noisy, violent, ugly and stupid.”.  Wow,  I thought to myself.  I am probably gonna leave the theater wishing I saved $10.00.

Well, Guess what?  It is now 11pm and I am home and I watched the movie and all of a sudden I am thinking “why would the legendary “Roger Ebert” give such a bad grade?”.  Well first let me tell you how the movie was, WITHOUT Spoiling it for you.  The movie had a very good story to it.  There was plenty of action, great graphics and even some comedy and drama to add to the quality of experience.  There might have been a few “overdrama” parts but in the end the movie delivered. It was exciting and even scary at the same time, all the while with great alien design and believable ending.  There aren’t many movies that are Sci Fi that let you go home thinking “Yeah, that ending seemed realistic”.  I can definitely tell you that if you are into Alien Movies, this one won’t let you down, I promise.

Let’s go back to Roger Ebert.  I can honestly assume that this guy is probably bored to death with movies and maybe want’s to live the rest of his life without the job of having to write another film review.  I think that is what it has come down to when you look at the track record of Film Critics. This includes their age.  I wished that the Film Review Critics Committee (if there was one) would keep this job open to people that are passionate about movies and television.  I want Film Critics that would literally admit that they cried to an emotional movie.  I also want a Film Critic that would admit that he/she had stomach cramps all night because he/she laughed so hard at a great comedian flick.  We need to keep Film Critics that have an open mind to all genres of movies.  I think with a younger and more passionate Film Critic employees you will see ratings that you can relate with.

I know that Film Critics get paid for ratings like the one Roger Ebert did. I am also certain that their will be others that might agree with him.  I am simply stating that I think this film deserved a “B” and not a failing grade.  I am certain that I could easily fill his position and rate honestly and openly.  I don’t think he enjoys what he does anymore.  I think he is worn out and that someone needs to fill his position with a fresh passionate movie lover that will give every movie every second of attention and rate to his/her hearts content.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  I usually only do weather discussions on this blog but felt that I needed to express myself.  I feel I have done what I came to do.  Have a great day.

By: Gerrit Gulden


Ty Burr’s Review

Roger Eberts Review

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8.9 Earthquake in Northern Japan

A major earthquake has struck in Northern Japan.  This is the most intense footage I have ever seen and it has yet to end.  From Tsunami’s coming ashore and damaging everything in its path to structure fires and even refinery fires, Japan is definitely seeing some major catastrophic damage.  The earthquake was registered at 8.9 Magnitude.  The entire Pacific coast is under a Tsunami Watch and Hawaii is under a warning.  This is a potentially dangerous situation for Hawaii.  Sirens are sounding and evacuations are taking place.  The Tsunami should occur around 5am Pacific in Hawaii.

Here are some links.

Fox News

Tsunami Warning Center

Live Video Sites



Please Stay Tuned……

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Welcome to 2011.

Well, Tornado Season 2011 is appoaching quickly.  March 1st (My Birthday) is the official beginning to Tornado Season.  I am pumped for this year and cant wait to get out there and capture some thunderstorms and hopefully some tornado’s and wind events and even hail events.   I got the new Camcorder and my trusty Nikon and just cant wait to get out.

I did some major re-design of the website.  I still need to work on the photo gallery to be finished.  I am very pleased with the new look.  I hope you all like it.

The weather here is cold and there is plenty of snow on the ground.  We are still getting snow and frigid temperatures.  I am hoping for a quick warm up.  I really cant wait for spring to start.  I look forward to gardening and going swimming again.  Doing yard work is fun as well.

Well, stay tuned to the blog. We will be getting into the storm season very shortly and I will be actively chasing to get footage.  I will also be signing with a broker very soon to hopefully get my video and photos to the world.

Have a great night.


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Recent New setting Changes.

I have debated for quite a while whether or not User registrations were worth while for this blog.  One thing that stood out for me was the constant Spammer registering a new account and posting unrelated stuff to my weather blog.

After some brief debate I have decided to remove all previous Registered users and have New Registrations link disabled.

I think its a step forward for this blog.  If you would like to chat with me, please go to the main page of SevereIdaho.Com and click the Facebook link. You will find my profile and will be able to chat about weather and add replies to recent blog posts.

I hope you all understand.


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The Latest Weather & Photography Updates

The weather around Idaho has been mostly dry and has also ranged from hot to cold.  Its literally a temperature roller coaster here.  We came within 4-6 degrees to a frost just 4 weeks ago.  We also had temps in the High 90’s just the other week.  Today was a dry and warm day with lots of wind and smoke.  The INL Site fire just keeps burning as the weeks go by.  Skies turn Orange to Red at Sunset and the smell of smoke occasionally chokes out the clean air.  That isnt keeping us Idahoans from Enjoying the dry weather tho.  Camping is at its prime right now since the Nights are so cool and the days warm enough to venture out into the lake to fish or swim.

I have been doing quite a bit of fishing.  Mostly at Jefferson Lake in Rigby, Idaho. Its literally 3 minutes away in the car.  There are mostly 6+ inches rainbow trout.  The biggest so far is only around 13 inches.  It is a blast tho and the sunsets really make a great ending to the day.  I have also ventured out to near Heisi Ski resort to pick huckleberries.  We managed to pick over a gallon from the 2 times we went.  I made huckleberry cheesecake and jam and also used it on ice cream.  Talk about a treat that is amazing.  The Huckleberry is a wild blueberry and has a very tart and sweet taste.  They take quite a bit of time to harvest since your basically picking one at a time.  If you find a good method you could harvest a lot quicker.

As far as storm chasing goes. This year has really been quite slow.  I got a few severe wind events with Shelf clouds and then some lightning photos.  The weather just does that sometimes.  Some years are very active and others are slow.  There is still about 40 days left that could bring something.  Typically by the second to third week of October we will have temps in the 40-50’s and lows in the 30’s.

I did do some uploads to the Photo Gallery and hope you will enjoy them.  There are 2 new Lightning events and an International Space Station flyover album with some great photos.  Visit for the photos.

If you have read this far down the update I wanted to let you know that you can find me on Facebook and Twitter.

Here is the latest Gardening Youtube video I recorded.


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New Video coming shortly.

Thanks for stopping by.


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Latest Video Uploads

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

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4th of July Weekend Photography

I took a ton of photos at Rigby Lake on July 2nd and Idaho Falls on July 3rd.

The Rigby Lake show was really stretched out and was very noticeable.  There was a huge attendence on that Friday July 2nd but the show was more aimed towards time and money.  I believe the reason behind it was that they wanted to do 2 shows.  One on Fiday and one on Saturday.  It was still fun to photograph the show.  I got great results.  I would have posted video but I didnt realize that Autofocus would ruin the video.  There was way to much unfocused fireworks on the video and I didnt feel it was right to post it.  Here are a few photos and the link to the gallery.

View Album @

The Idaho Falls July 3rd Show was absolutely incredible.  It was like a non stop Grand Finale.  They did not hold back at all on this show.  The crowd was in the Thousands and the weather couldnt have been better.  I was going to videotape this event but decided at last minute that it would have been too much work to watch both camera’s while taking pictures.  I had always wanted to get a photo with the Snake River in the background and this was a great time to do so.  I took well over 300 photos.  It took forever to crop all the photos and do simple edits with.  Im extremely happy with the results and cant wait for next year.

Here are a few photos and then the link to the album.

To see the Full album visit

Hope you all enjoy the photos.  TO LICENSE a photo please contact me for info.

-gerrit gulden