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Latest Chases and Upcoming Chases

Well I have had 2 succesfull chases this year.  One particular chase took place June 3rd 2009, starting in Rexburg and then I drove to the 15 and headed South to around Blackfoot.  I encountered 1 inch hail and was afraid the windhield or van might get damaged. I got lucky to say the least.  Once i got out of the hail I noticed a storm to my south was developing and had a wall cloud.

Pictures here.

The storm was Severe Warned for hail and wind and in the warning there was mention of slight rotation.  I watched from Right off the Interstate 15 Highway till the storm eventually weakened and got into the Highlands/Mountains.

Video Here.

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There was also June 5 2009,  The Incredible Complex Line of storms that moved North and stayed mainly in the Snake River plain.  As the Line progressed North the Storm filled in from West to East and Intensified.  By the time It reached Idaho Falls it went severe and the fun began.  I filmed and shot photos from my Backyard all the way till the storm got directly overhead.  The storm was warned for winds and possible hail and there was also rotation.  63mph winds occured over my area along with Pea sized hail and a few slightly larger than 1/4 inch.

Pictures here.

Video Here.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

There are storms predicted thru next week and occasional Strong to Severe thunderstorms are possible.  On days that storms can develop from strong to severe I will be active trying to get footage.  Its an active year so far and we are only in June.

Keep an eye on the youtube channel and Photo Gallery for updates.  I know I havent been updating this blog lately and will try to fit in more time to update you guys on whats going on.

Have a great Weekend and keep checking back for new photos and video.


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Quick Update

The weather around Southeast Idaho has been calming down a bit.  Warmer temperatures have been evident throughout the week with roads slowly giving back dry pavement.  the snowpack is still close to a foot in some areas in the Valley and will probably take a week or two of 40+ degree weather to fully melt.  Which for msyelf would be nice.  I am ready for spring to come along with the thunderstorms so that I could get busy again with photography.  I really didnt shoot any Winter stuff this year.  Although there was plenty of snow I found myself unintrigued and pretty much bored.  I did my fair share of weather reporting but I also spent most of my free time updating Website software and getting ready for the spring and upcoming summer.  New lenses for my digital camera will greatly improve the quality of my photos and I cant wait for my first lightning photography attempt. 

I have my hands full at the moment so please excuse my Lack of updating on this blog.  I promise once the weather starts turning convective I will be very busy updating this website and taking photos and video. 

The Upcoming Spring and Summer should be Huge for my website.  If you would like to Purchase some adspace or a text link or would like to Sponsor us Use the Contact Page. 


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Weather Update September 1st 2007

Well the weather has been relatively calm around the Upper Snake Plain.  Few thunderstorms rumbled thru the area late afternoon yesterday bringing rain and a rumble of thunder or two.  Having my car in the shop due to an alternator and battery problem I was stuck at the house watching the storms from my front yard.  It was cool watching the clouds roll by and see a flash of lightning every now and then and the cool looking rain foot (or curtain,etc) that emerged from the storms.  I imagine decent rain fell where the storms were. 

The latest on Upcoming weather is a Strong Upper Level Low for Tuesday and Wednesday this coming week.  Local NWS hasnt really had a good idea of how much moisture can be expected, if at all.  As far as thoughts it will cool down quite a bit.  We could see Highs anywhere from 60-70 and lows down to the 40’s in the snake river plain.  The question of the day is will the daytime temperatures for both days be enough to promote instability and how much moisture will be present.  If Moisture is around 1 inch qpf or more and enough instability is around, we could possibly see strong to severe storms.  For now Im guessing the main event will be a drastic cooldown and nothing more.  Im sure by Monday we will know alot more on what is coming. 

After visiting the SPC website this evening I noticed 3 tornado reports for Southern California.  The reports consisted of a Funnel cloud in Lancaster,Ca (2 reports) and 1 report for a Tornado in Kern County,CA which is Considered the Eastern Sierra’s.  No pictures that I could find, but In recent years this has happened as well with the Monsoon being the culprit.  In Most cases with the Monsoon in Southern California there is flash flooding,  Dangerous winds and on occasion large hail.  I will be checking for more info on these reports in the next 2 days and will update this blog accordingly. 

Well, Fall will be here soon.  Im sure there is foilage erupting in many parts of the nation and around the world.  I am hoping to do some drives in the Peak Foilage season to update the gallery.  Im also planning a Yellowstone trip.  Stay Tuned. 

thanks for stopping by and Have a Wonderful Labor Day……….



p/s-  I just renewed the Domain for 2 additional Years.  Offically SevereIdaho.Com has been online for 2 years.  I hope for many more to come.  Thanks for Being a Fan of SevereIdaho.Com……

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The Latest with SevereIdaho.Com and Local Weather

Well it has been about 12 days since I last updated this Blog.  With good reason of course.  The weather has been on and off but when its on its wild.  On August 16th we had a Very active Afternoon and Evening.  One of which brought very frequent lightning and barely a drop of rain.  I did manage to capture up to 20 new photos of Lightning and cloud structure.  The lightning was simply amazing, there was thousands of Cloud to ground bolts along with many Crawlers and Cloud only lightning.  I was able to capture many CG bolts and even witness a Transformer blowing from a deadly cg.  The day started at around 3pm and lasted well into 3am.  I was busy the whole day driving around and picking spots for good lightning shots and keeping up with the stronger storms.  I did manage to Get on KIDK3 on August 17th at Noon and soon to be on the Postregister (Sunday or Monday’s Edition).  August 17th was also busy, but the storms were more towards the wet stuff which makes photography a little more rougher due to Exposing expensive cameras to rain which we all know is not smart.  Today was a hell of a day.  A Severe Thunderstorm watch was posted for Southeast Idaho and around 8+ Severe Storms occured.  The biggest concern was damaging wind, then large hail and then Excessive amounts of rain.  No Severe Thunderstorms occured in my immediate area.  They occured Mostly South of Idaho Falls to the Utah Border and east towards Wyoming.  Not really any reports on the SPC website.  One Tornado warning did occur south of Pocatello, but I havent heard of any confirmations of a tornado, let alone a funnel.  I did not get any footage today or yesterday.  The storms werent severe enough for me to chase down.  In other words I prefer Cloud structure of a Meso or tornadic storm rather than damaging my car with hail the size of golfballs. lol.  There was just too much rain as well. 

Another Huge concern is the latest Hurricane “Dean”.  Hurricane Dean is a Category 4 hurricane and is expected to Hit Jamaica by Sunday and the Island could see alot of damage with this storm if it infact stays at a Category 4 storm.  Latest News is that if Dean hits Jamaica head on then the Island could be without power for up to a month.  Several Hurricane chasers are already in Jamaica and several have mentioned that Jamaica Residents have not done the necessary Precautions such as Boarding up windows, etc etc.  This could be a very dangerous situation.  Current Hurricane Models are forecasting a track which could Impact the far SouthEastern Tip of Texas.  Since I have friends there in Brownsville I am watching this storm like crazy.  Although SevereIdaho.Com doesnt focus its Attention to Areas outside of Idaho we still make our best attempt to Inform the public of Dangerous situations such as Hurricane and other Tropical Weather phenomena.  We hope to keep you updated throughout this Tropical Season but we ask that you rely on the National Hurricane Center and National News, etc for Weather Info that relates directly to your location.  Thanks. 

The latest with SevereIdaho.Com is that we have up to 30 New photos from August 16th and Early 17th in the Gallery and The Weather Forum has been opened up to the public.  We dont anticipate a Climb in visitors yet on the forum and Do plan to do some Advertising to get more people to the forum.  


Stay Tuned.  More Updates on Dean and Local Weather coming soon.  Thanks for stopping by….

A Few New Photos for your Enjoyment.

August 16th Weather

August 16th Lightning


August 16th Thunderstorm Cloud Looking towards Ririe from Rigby.


Please visit  For the Latest 2007 Photography. 


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New “Weather Forums” at “SevereIdaho.Com”

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ID/WY Border Severe Thunderstorms & Unstable Here in The Forecast Area

Yes, It just so happens that in The Salmon area and North of Island Park could experience some possibly Severe Thunderstorms.  Latest reports indicating 1/2 inch hail.  As for our area here in the Upper Snake River plain it appears that it is unstable enough for a thunderstorm to inititate.  For those that understand Lifted Indices, Our Lifted indices read -3 thru -5 which tells the story of an unstable air mass.  I think the lack of really good moisture and Cape is limiting the potential for thunderstorm development.  However, There is still around 4-5 hours left of Sunlight and I feel that as the Low moves east we could see a chance for some Convection around the forecast area and maybe even a Thunderstorm or two.  Hopefully things could get going very soon.  Tommorow appears to be too dry for any development but on Saturday there is another Slight risk for severe weather again to the north of us.  Hopefully things could get going for our area again that day as well.  With the Southwest flow and High Temperatures dominating the area the chances are getting better by the day.  The Monsoon season is just around the corner and soon we will have the delight of Watching thunderstorms pop up in the evening and last all night.  With that I will be taking tons of photos and shooting video to update the videos page…  Stay Tuned…


Ive had alot of emails and requests from various people around the country asking when there will be new video added.  I am currently going thru my arsenal of Video tapes and hope to have put together a Lightning Video kind of short movie together within the next month or two.  Im going thru copyright information and seeing what I can and cant use and hope to get all that sorted out very soon.  The video will be free as well.  Stay Tuned…


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Thanks for stopping by….


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Website Update

Just a quick note,  I updated the photo gallery to the latest PHP code released by Coppermine.  If you noticed or notice a problem in the Gallery please let me know.  CPG 1.4.10 is now instaled and working and stable. 



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Weather Update Feb 8th 2007

The warmup is continuing with temperatures reaching 40+ degrees.  The combination of the rain and warm temperatures today have increased the melting effect of snow anywhere from 5500 feet and lower.  Currently yards are turning to small ponds and runoff is noticeable with River levels gradually rising.  The Mild trend looks to continue with each storm a threat for rain below 6k feet.  The High pressure that has been dominating our region for quite some time now is being broken down by shortwaves moving thru and the forecast is that the High will eventually get out of our way and may open the stormtrack for our area, therefore increasing the threat for rain and some Mixed precipitation with the colder of storms.  Friday and Friday evening looks to be the Biggest threat for rain and snow mix with most likely no accumulation for snow around the snake river plain.  For now, Mild conditions continue with a threat for rain.


Stay Tuned.


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Weather Update February 4th 2007

If youve noticed that the temperatures climbed a few degrees and you were pleased with the Climb then you may be in for a shortlived treat.  I know there are those Winter Enthusiasts that hope for Freezing temperatures and Major snowfall and Im not about to crush those hopes, But in the next few days thru Tuesday the temperatures are going to rise steadily.  Its uncertain how high but you can count on Above Freezing temperatures anywhere from 32-38 which the chance for rain if any moisture can penetrate the High pressure that has been dominating our Region for weeks now.  Keep in mind the rise in temperatures will also be shortlived.  Being so early in the season you can still count on temperatures to drop back to below normal readings and Receive more snow.  Due to my Winter blues and hopes for a Spring to develop quickly for thunderstorm threats, a rise in temperatures is a great relief for myself. 

Speaking of Spring Coming Early,  The groundhog did not see his shadow this year and although I dont use the groundhog for forecasting, any signs of an early spring is greatly welcomed.  I have been Cleaning my camera equipment and Yesterday I purchased extra Rechargable Batteries for my new digital camera.  This way I wont have a time frame of only 2 hours for lightning exposures, I now have extended that time frame to near 5-6 hours which is great because last year I struck out on great storms due to battery recharging.  This year I am looking into Video Uploading for SevereIdaho.Com.  I said that alot last year and the year before,  But this year I have the right equipment to do so and with a good amount of diskspace on my Host everything looks great. 

Well, Stay Tuned, Enjoy the Warmup and thanks for stopping by,……