The overall Goal is to bring YOU the visitor Weather information directly from Southeast Idaho and various other parts of the Country and world. The information I provide if it insists Severe Weather being imminent I expect you to rely on Local NEWS, NOAA and Radio Broadcasts. I thank you for Being a part of severe Idaho, However I will not be held responsible for Exagerations made in my part which in turn could cause concern for you the Visitor in a life threatening situation or non life threatning situation. My Service is to provide my views on Current, Past and Upcoming weather. USE Your Local National Weather Service or The Weather Channel or NOAA or Noaa Radio or TV to plan your days if you decide to Venture outside.

Storm Chasing And Weather Photography may look fun and Exciting. But I Insist you could be extremely injured or even Killed while Shooting photography or chasing a storm. Threats range from Flooding to Lightning Strikes to Large Hail and Extremely Dangerous Winds. Everytime I go out and shoot lightning I assume my own responsibility and will only blame myself If I get injured or worse, Killed. Thus being the Reason that I will not be held responsible for Any actions you take after reading or viewing any of my photos. My Photos and Stories and Chase Accounts are only for your Enjoyment and reading pleasure so that you The Visitor can See the wild side of Idaho that I see every Year.

For Media Inquiries, School Projects, Etc,

Contact me at 208-201-4073

Thanks for stopping BY…

Sincerely: Administration (gerrit)

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