July 15 2008 Monsoon Update

Have you noticed the Heat lately and the latest intrusion of Clouds.  This is all Monsoonal Moisture that has made it into our area.  The Monsoon is actually wreaking havoc in parts of California where they had Mudslides and one of these incidents even tore thru a very Popular Fishing Hatchery off the 395 highway which devastated there trout inventory.  There was even a tornado reported in Southern California.  So the Monsoon is definetely active in the Southwest.  What will it be like for our area?  Thus far local NWS has mention of thunderstorms for mostly higher terrain including the Wy/Mo borders.  For our immediate area we seem to be stuck in the wind zone and with very low humidities we are currently under a Red flag warning and fire watch.  If the storms that pop up over the higher terrain have any dry lightning we will definetely see the beginning of the fire season starting tonight and into tomorrow.  There is always that chance that these storms could roll off from the Southwest into our area moving Northeast.  If this occurs we will see strong downburst winds and maybe some ehavy downpours and dangerous Cloud to ground lightning. 

If you didnt know already, There are several Monsoon stormchasers chasing the storms from Arizona and into Nevada and I will be adding there links here so you can go visit them and see the wonders of the Southwest Monsoon.  First off,  My Favorite Monsoon stormchaser/lightning photographer Susan Strom is busy chasing these storms.  Be sure to visit http://www.lightninglady.com/ for some Amazing Lightning Photographs. 

So will the Monsoon create Thunderstorms and lightning for us?  The easiest way to answer this is is to Mention the 4 corner highs.  If the 4 corner high sets up perfectly with a low to the southwest of California we will definetely be seeing some storms.  The current setup is just enough for a very small amount of Moisture to make it to our region.  With a stronger push of Moisture we will get humid, very hot and then the chances for a storm is Ideal.  So keep those fingers crossed.

In the mean time, please go visit http://www.severeidaho.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=7 to see the lightning I captured on July 8th. 

Also Visit http://www.severeidaho.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=41 to see Firework photos from Rigby Lake. 

Have a Great week and stay cool out there. 



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