Possible Thunderstorms July 12 2007

It looks as if Monsoonal moisture will finally make it into the snake river plain.  I thought maybe Wednesday we would see some action but storms were confined to the highlands.  Am Expecting Isolated to Scattered storms to pop up tommorow which will be a mix of wet and dry storms.  The dry storms will have the potential to ignite New fires.  Keep an eye out.  I have yet to experience a decent storm.  The lack of pictures is just due to storms not being organized enough that have popped up locally.  I am not sure if the Monsoon is Official yet.  Will check tommorow the status. 

By the way, I apologize for the lack of updates lately.  I have my nephews in town from California so I have been busy having fun with them.  Hopefully tommorow will be a stormy day, They seem to love when I Setup my tripod and get ready for storms.  Crossing my fingers for now. 

Stay Tuned.


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