Severe Weather Review Sep,6,2007

September 5th was a rather active day for the Southeast Highlands & Mountain Terrain.  For Idaho Falls and northward the weather was rather Rainy with a rumble or two to speak of.  As for Southeast Idaho the Upper Low and Monsoonal Moisture wreaked havoc pretty much on areas like Pocatello and Soda Springs.  A Severe Thunderstorm Watch started the day with anticipation of Heavy rain, large hail and damaging winds.  The threat eventually turned towards a Tornadic Environment, except for the fact that if Tornado’s were to develop they would only be in the EF-0 range and at most EF-1 range.  Well this was the case for Soda Springs,  a Severe Thunderstorm Popped up which showed strong rotation and eventually a Tornado.  The Tornado Warnings went out and within 5 minutes a report of a Tornado was called in by Emergency Services.  You were probably wondering why I didnt go after this storm for footage and the reason was that High Terrain is not good at all for chasing.  With Winding roads up and down Mountainous terrain the possibility of myself getting hurt is way too high.  Along with High Terrain the tornado could have also been rain wrapped, meaning structure of the storm and the tornado itself would have been highly covered to where photos and video would have had no quality.  You may recall the October 4th 2006 Tornado Warned storm that I chased.  The Terrain was perfect as it was in the valley with roads going every which way along with no Obstructions of view.  I would have liked to have chased this storm,  but there were too many Cons rather than pros. 

I still believe there will be at least 5 more Severe WX events before Winter comes knocking.  I am hoping the setups for these WX event are more in the valley as I will have better opportunity to chase. 

In the end of that Day September 6th 2007 the tally of Severe Weather weather was Flash Flooding, Flooding,  High Winds and Most of all a Tornado in Soda Springs. 

The rest of the week into the weekend looks to be dry and Cool, if not cold.  Already there is insight that Lows this weekend could dip into the 30’s.  This wont be good for any means for all the greenthumbs out there.  Lets hope it doesnt freeze or frost.  Cross those fingers…..  Stay Tuned…



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