Severe Weather Recap 2016 w/videos!

Spring brought with it Above Normal Temperatures, less severe weather and general thunderstorms. Was a lack luster year, and Fall on the Horizon October 2 2016 would go out with a major Severe Weather event for Eastern Idaho. In The summer a wildfire known as the Henry’s Creek Wildfire broke out with intense winds and plenty of fuel brush and pine as well as wild grass which in turn resulted in a very large wild fire that would keep firefighting crews and agencies involved very busy and very concerned. In the end with better weather and even showers the wild fire came to an end. This wildfire would give me several days to try and document the fire. End total for the year would be about 3-5 severe weather related videos and other videos that only showcase clouds and general weather. Now for the videos.

1. Henry’s Creek Wildfire

2. Fort Hall Brush Fire

3. Severe Thunderstorm & Tornado Warning

3. General Weather

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I appreciate you for stopping by.

-Gerrit Gulden