The Latest Around Southeast Idaho

The snow has melted and the grass has sprouted and gardens are being tilled.  You know what that means?  Its severe weather season.  Yes, It is already May 14 2012 and the Northwest has already had its first Slight risk for severe weather as outlined by the Storm Prediction Center.  I have also already attended my annual skywarn meeting as well.  Temps have risen dramatically in the last 3 days.  We had temps in the upper 70’s yesterday and today we had very widely scattered thunderstorms.  Soon we will be on our last predicted frost/freeze and I will be venturing into the garden to plant some seeds.  I cant wait.

As I always do, I will be actively chasing any severe storms here in Idaho.  I also plan to venture into UT/MT/WY for big severe weather events.  There is no new equipment to mention but I am eager to take some lightning shots and shoot some beautiful structure from a decent thunderstorm.  I have yet to really hear anything about how active the season will be for us.  I can only hope it will be very active and will bless me with great times and awesome photos/memories.

Well, Stay Tuned.  I will be updating this blog more often since we are now in that pattern again.  Thanks for stopping by.

-Gerrit Gulden