The Weather Around Southeast Idaho

Drought?  Heat Ridge?  Jet Stream too far north?

The typical questions when it comes to Southeast Idaho’s weather.  The latest trend of dry and warm days has pretty much kept strong ever since Late April.  With maybe only 3/4’s of an inch to report since the start of the spring season, I cant help but question myself why we are in this pattern.  There have been plenty of storms from the Pacific, yet the Jet stream has favored the panhandle and Montana while keeping us in the southeast Dry and warm.  We have had several cool downs from being brushed by storms or getting a storm which was mainly dry with a decent cooling in the backend of the storm. 

Will the weather start getting interesting around here?  Well thats a good question.  From Weather Models to NWS office discussions the differences are there 100%.  But this isnt isolated.  Appears that so far this year Models have been giving pretty much every forecaster his/her run for the money with the end result either on the money or far off. 

The Monsoon season is expected to start in the next couple of weeks.  With a decent surge of moisture and dewpoints and Reversal of winds we could see a Rise in thunderstorm or shower activity for most of the summer.  Thats if the Monsoon stays active, from recent years it is typically a week on, week off deal.  With plenty of Tropical weather expected I dont think the Monsoon will be below average, hopefully it brings us some Moisture and thunderstorms. 

The lack of weather has been the cause for lack of updates and lack of picture updates as well.  Its bothering to myself that no pictures have been uploaded since March/April.  I only hope that all changes very soon. 

Stay Tuned,  This sunday could have a thunderstorm or two in the mix for us.  Will update later with more info.  For now,  Dry and Warm and maybe even HOT by this weekend. 


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