Thunderstorm Possibility April 16 2007

Per Convective Outlooks and Local National Weather Service it appears that Tuesday (today) appears to be unstable enough for Thunderstorms.  With a 40% chance Blue Outline Im pretty sure there will be thunderstorms around Southeast Idaho.  I am also thinking the possibility of small hail is possible.  As far as best times I am guessing Convection could get going by 4pm and last well into the evening.  I am hoping the storms last well into the night so that I can take advantage of Nightime photography options.  Im not expecting severe weather,  but that can not be ruled out by any means.  Anything is possible during this time of year when weather could be snow, rain, thunder and strong winds at any moment. 

Stay Tuned and Be sure to check back tommorow night for another update.  I may make a couple more if I find anything concerning. 


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