Timelapse Videos Are BAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!

For all of my loyal Timelapse fans, the season has begun where I do a timelapse for each thunderstorm forecasted day.  The chance can be as slim as can be and I will still to a video.  Each video is unique in its own way with cloud structure and development as well as speed and direction.  Thus far this year I have done around 3 total.  All of them turned out great.  There is still some things that I can do to get some of the visual problems taken care of like the view of my blinds and also the black sun.  As I am writing this I am getting ideas.  I also plan to go High definition.  That would be awesome.  There are also bigger goals like Mounting a camera outside up high to get a more in depth view of the sky.  All of these plans will eventually be carried out.

For now, You can expect a new video almost every week.  I am also doing some scenery and wildlife videos as well from Around Idaho.  So be on alert for those.

Here are the latest Videos………




Thanks For watching.