Weather Update May 31 2008

As you know the weather around Southeast Idaho has been unsettled.  Pretty much every day since last Weekend there has been a Slight chance or chance for thunderstorms.  Some days were bigger then others as far as convection went.  The last 2 days appeared to be active but as soon as a storm would pop up it would pulse out.  I have been taking photos and you can find them at the gallery and I have also been doing Time Lapse videos since May 20th and the outcome for each video is pretty cool.  So be sure to check the Gallery and the Videos page for the latest videos. 

Sunday will be another relatively active day.  Thunderstorms are expected with small hail and some wind but severe and strong storms are not predicted.  However, Monday June 2 is looking to be a possible Strong to Severe Weather event.  Thoughts currently is for possibly large hail and damaging winds.  The Local nWS says there will be enough moisture and shear with this storm, only thing now is that if the storm arrives at time forecasted then we see a good chance for this event to carry out.   The storm prediction center has not yet put light on any of this as noticed on the Outlook for this day but things change quickly and I would expect to see at least a “see text” for our area and maybe even a slight chance outline.  2 days out I try my best to not jump on what I read but any storm that has more dynamics than what we had for this whole week will be greatly welcomed.  I just hope for a chase opportunity or a night time lightning photo op.  I cant wait to get some good footage. 

Stay Tuned.  I will do another update tommorow evening.


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