Welcome to 2011.

Well, Tornado Season 2011 is appoaching quickly.  March 1st (My Birthday) is the official beginning to Tornado Season.  I am pumped for this year and cant wait to get out there and capture some thunderstorms and hopefully some tornado’s and wind events and even hail events.   I got the new Camcorder and my trusty Nikon and just cant wait to get out.

I did some major re-design of the website.  I still need to work on the photo gallery to be finished.  I am very pleased with the new look.  I hope you all like it.

The weather here is cold and there is plenty of snow on the ground.  We are still getting snow and frigid temperatures.  I am hoping for a quick warm up.  I really cant wait for spring to start.  I look forward to gardening and going swimming again.  Doing yard work is fun as well.

Well, stay tuned to the blog. We will be getting into the storm season very shortly and I will be actively chasing to get footage.  I will also be signing with a broker very soon to hopefully get my video and photos to the world.

Have a great night.