Welcome to Late Spring 2012

The severe weather season here in Idaho has yet to begin.  Lately the only real hazards have been strong winds and frosts and freezes.  The gardening season is already under way, however it is anyones guess whether or not the plants will survive the dramatic changes of temperatures.  We seem to get warm weather and then after a cold front comes through we get down to the mid to upper 30’s.  I have been watching the forecasts with hopes that a thunderstorm event would occur.  As of this coming week it looks to be warm and dry.  Some are saying that the Southwest flow could start up soon.  This will bring moisture from the southwest which will help create late evening and night time thunderstorms.  The southwest flow always brings a strong rise in temperature as well as humidity.  Of the most common southwest flow is during the monsoon season.  Typically the monsoon creates a large number of evening and night time thunderstorms.  Those are what helps me get my lightning opportunities to take photos and video.  I’ve said it every year, but I hope this summer will be a very active one for Southeast Idaho.

In the next few weeks I will be doing some updates on the website.  They include photos and videos from last year.  Since I started college in early 2011 I have had little time to devote to the website.  I have already updated all the website plugins and software to the latest releases which was easy.  I hope to get everything done by the start of July.

I will be adding a new link to my minecraft blog.  I have been spending quite some time playing this awesome game and have recorded a ton of footage.  For those of you that are fans of this game, please check it out.

Well, stay tuned.  Hopefully I can get some amazing footage this year.  If I do, you will see it here.


Thanks for visiting and being a fan of SevereIdaho.


-Gerrit Gulden