Winter Storms Continue to Pound the Northwest

Depending on where you are in the Northwest will determine if your getting snow or not.  No matter what type of precipitation is occuring, there has been alot of it.  Here in Southeastern Idaho it has been snowing for 4 consecutive days now.  Snow totals for my immediate area is close to 7 inches while the Higher elevations are seeing close to several feet.  The big part of the story is the icy and snow packed roads which are plauging most of Idaho and keeping road crews working 24/7 trying to keep highways and local roads in operation.  There have been many reported slide offs and from experience the Highways arent too bad, yet the non highway roads are a complete mess which makes a usual 15 minute trip turn into a half hour or longer trip.  I highly recommend slowing down and keeping as much distance as you can from the car in front of you.

On a good note, the snow has really made the Holidays come to life.  With Holiday music playing and no matter where you are, the joy is in the air.  The stores are busy providing the last minute shopper with great gift ideas and Tree lots are on every corner with decorations galore.  The local neighborhoods have there lights shining bright with chaser strings of lights and Santa and Snowmen blow ups bringing that pleasent Holiday spirit to all that pass by.  After all, it is the Holidays…

So you said you want a White Christmas huh?  Even if you didn’t your in store for some major snow in the coming hours, days and weeks.  Three to five inches are expected Friday Morning and This Sunday into next week looks to have another Decent storm targeting the Northwest for even more Heavy snow and winds.  I must say that this year thus far is looking like an above average Winter.  The funny thing is that Winter hasn’t even started yet.  Can you imagine 3 more months of this?  No matter the type of weather you prefer, the snowcast is looking deep and plentiful and all Skiers and snowboarders alike will no doubt mark this Winter season as Perfect.  The powder is dry and deep and the arctic air responsible for this isnt leaving anytime soon.

Expect a Winter Weather advisory for the Snake river plain and possible Winter storm watches and warnings for the Highlands and Mountains.  Also expect the roads to only get worse as the days go on and plan to leave earlier than you usually would to allow enough time to travel slower and safer.  I will update as much as I can throughout this series of storms.  Have a Happy Holiday and come by again to see and hear the latest.

Here are a few videos I did of the December 13th 2008 Snowstorm.  The first two are 5 minute videos and the third is a timelapse video.    Enjoy…


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